Tuesday, October 26, 2010

ANEW Lash-Transforming Mascara + Serum

Well it's been a month so far...  Well actually 2 but consistantly a month.  I've alwys had thicker and longer lashes up until this year.  I began to notice that they were getting a little thinner.  Also my bottom left lash line has always been a bit wonky.  The lashes are curly and sparse while my right lower lash line are thicker, longer and straight.  It has always annoyed me slightly since I began wearing makeup in middle school.  My top lashes are super straight, I always need a curl to see them! 

Dual ends.  One end is the serum and the other mascara.  It is offered in both black and brown.

The mascara isn't too bad.  I still prefer my Covergirl Lash Blast or Waterproof Wet n Wild.  The serum is the reason for my purchase though!  It feels cooling to the skin as it dries, like a liquid liner.  After the serum is totally dry, it does not seem to interfere with my makeup application.  I have been putting a very thin line right at the base of the lashes.  I've seen the commercials for Latisse and just in case, I do not want any discoloration.  I also haven't had any irritation, itchiness, etc..

I honestly did not think that this was going to work.  It just seemed too good to be true.  Good price, AVON, etc...  Well my bottom left eyelashes are much thicker.  It is super noticeable.  When I first tried out this product I literally only had a few lashes on my bottom left eye.  For some reason they all decided to fall out at once.  Well they grew back thicker than they ever had before.  Usually I can cover up the sparseness with a little eyeliner and mascara applied to the lashes that are present.  No need anymore if this product continues to work.  I'm quite impressed.

I actually did not use the product everyday, day and night.  I would skip a day here and there and only use it at night.  I do not have a second to spare in my morning routine and it does take a few minutes to dry.  I have no discoloration around my eyes where I have applied the product.

So it's a winner!  If you want to start out with a more affordable alternative to growing your lashes, AVON is for you.  I will continue to use it and repurchase for sure.  I wish that they would just sell the serum separately because I like to use my own mascara.  I haven't tried any of the other products out there so I have nothing to compare it to but this is the first time in a long time that I full set of bottom lashes on my left eye.  I just couldn't imagine better results.  I'm super excited about that!

It retails for $20 but you can always get it on a sale if you are patient!