Friday, October 15, 2010

NYX Eyeshadow Base

I've had this stuff forever.  I purchased it from Cherry Culture.  They were out of the skin tone at the time so I figured Pearl was the next best thing since I tend to wear mostly shimmer eyeshadows.  It really brings out the color of shimmery eyeshadows.  It will crease on my eyelids, which tend to be oily so I do need an eyelid primer underneath this base.  It is actually a nice browbone highlighter.  After blending and working it in, it leaves a nice soft subtle shimmer.  It's great for the inner corner as well to instantly brighten.  You could even use it as a cheek highlighter in a pinch, if you like a shimmer or course!

This is a quick swipe of the base to show the color.

This is after working it in.  Hopefully you can see the subtle shimmering effect it makes.

The eyeshadow base retails for $6.