Sunday, October 3, 2010


This Sunday's choices.  Pictured left to right...  AVON N229 Midnight Plum, Revlon 799 Plum Night, AVON N228 Warm Black.  I lightened the picture a bit so you can see that they are different colors.  I just took off the Revlon Plum Night to give my nails a rest.  They are not stained as bad as I thought but I definitely need to follow up this week with a darker color. 

Now AVON Warm black is on the left, Revlon Plum Night is in the middle and AVON Midnight Plum is on the right.  Warm Black and Plum Night are very similar, they both have blue in it.  Midnight Night has more red in it, well like a plum. 

What to choose?  I think AVON Midnight Plum this week.