Tuesday, October 19, 2010

AVON Advance Techniques Revitalizing Treatment

I'm pretty sure I picked this up on an AVON sale for $3.  Initially I like it.  I like the smell and the texture and shine of my hair after blowdrying.  But I noticed that later in the day my hair feels sort of crunchy and needs a good brush through and then it looks great again.  Not sure if it's the cold dry season change of the fall or the product... 

After reviewing the ingredients, I see hydrolyzed wheat starch.  Hmm... starch equals stiff which may equal crunchy? 

It does help against static and my hair is at least initially soft and smooth when I leave the house in the morning!  It is also supposed to reduce fall out when brushing your hair. Which will normally happen when the season changes. I have major fall out in the spring so if the bottle lasts until then, I'll be sure to comment on it!