Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Beauty Blogger Sample Swap

All or most of us beauty bloggers subscribe to beauty boxes.  It's super fun to try out new products, especially those from higher end brands.  My stash of sample size beauty products is getting a bit out of hand so I was really excited to see that Shannyn from Frugal Beauty organized a swap!  A few beauty bloggers were paired up to swap 6-8 samples and one full size beauty product.  Fun right?

I will be honest.  I haven't had much luck with swaps.  My most recent from Australia was lost or never sent, I've received used and broken makeup, oh and counterfeit products...  lol  But I figured with this one, what did I have to lose?  Extra samples?  Well I have plenty of 'em and they surely won't be missed.

I was paired up with Lori Peters.  Lori said that she will be starting up her own monthly sample box called Box Monthly very shortly.

I can never have enough conditioner samples.  I love L'occitane products!

One of my absolute favorite products right now.  I also received this sample from Beauty Army and I have a full size!

I've never tried self-tanning wipes before.  

I also got this EBOOST sample from Birchbox.  I don't believe I have ever tried it.  I swear by Emergen-C. If I am feeling just a bit sluggish or off, Emergen-C fixes me right up!

 Lori mentioned that she will be having this green tea in her in sample box, Box Monthly.  Healthy To Go Green energy Tea fusion is made from organic teas.

So excited to see Julep Emilie!  I didn't have it in my collection.

Love NIVEA bodywash and lotions!  I haven't tried Touch of Serenity yet.

This has a very different scent.  Fresh grapefruit, tangerine, blood orange, white musk...

pixi eyeshadow No.2 Champagne Glow  This is my first pixi product!

Any other Beauty Blogger Sample Swaps I should aware of?  I'm ready for another!