Tuesday, July 24, 2012

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard

OPI Just Spotted the Lizard came out with the OPI Spiderman Collection back in May/June.  I just couldn't wait to get my hands on it.  I tried looking in several stores and I was just out of luck.  Until I found Bloom.com...  :)

I just love this polish!!!  The dupe of Chanel Peridot, a color that I swear I have gone on to order 3 or 4 times but just couldn't pull the trigger on a $22 polish, plus tax and shipping.  Ahem, I just checked chanel.com, $26!!!  lol  Way too savvy for that!  I've just been lucky to find similar colors in affordable options.

However, the appeal for a Chanel polish is still there...  :)

Here is OPI Just Spotted the Lizard.  

I can't get enough of this polish!  It's blue, it's green, it's gold! 

And here it is in the sun...

China Glaze is coming out with a similar color as well in August.  So if you missed out on it, you can either wait until August or order from Bloom.com and get some cash back.  Link!