Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Nostalgic and Color Club

I received a mini Color Club Nail Lacquer in Blue-Ming in my most recent Birchbox.  Love the color but hate the formula, my base coat or maybe it was the brush.  It applied streaky, and goopy and the brush would take off the color when I tried to smooth things out.  But being a nail applying pro (hahahaha) I worked it out and grabbed a Nostalgic Nail Lacquer in Magic Dance to make it look nice and pretty!

Magic Dance is a green and and pink color shifting top coat.  It works fantastic over dark polish so you can really see the effect, but I wanted a little shimmer on my mint green cream polish.

This isn't the best example of using Nostalgic Magic Dance but I like that it covered up Color Club's streaky formula!  This is my first Color Club.  I have picked a few sets up for gifts and I have a friend who loves them.  I will switch it up with my basecoat and see if that makes a difference.

From the look of the sun this morning you would never have guessed we had a massive thunder boomer early this a.m. that sent Nika dog jumping into bed and sharing my pillow.  She shook for a good 2 hours as the storm just seemed to circle around.  Poor thing.

And summer sleepovers are in full swing.  3 screaming girls had a tough time falling asleep last night.  :)

Quite tired this morning!  Off to make some tea!