Friday, July 6, 2012

New Urban Decay!!!

So much going on today!  So now Urban Decay has decided to not sell in China...  Link!  This does make me very happy.  I do not buy exclusively cruelty free but it does sway my decisions on some products.  I know that sounds a little wishy-washy of me but I'm not perfect.

I do know how strongly some people do feel about the topic and for UD to change it's policy in order to make a profit in a new market, well it upset me a little too.  But this is business, people are working hard to put food on the table and pay bills and it's just how the world works!  In order for companies to bring us their product, they need to make money off it...

I'm glad they were able to stick to their original convictions though and I hope they didn't lose too many of their strong fan base.  

Which brings me to the second big news of the day!  Urban Decay is launching a new foundation called Naked Skin Foundation!

Image credit:  The Daily Cookie

They debuted the new foundation at IMATS LA a couple of weeks ago.  Those who attended were able to get color matched and receive 2 weeks samples according to The Daily Cookie.  Yay, I am a bit jelly. Which makes me even more wanting to fly out to LA in January for IMATS LA 2013!  NYC IMATS 2012 was my first but IMATS is just so much bigger out in LA.

Back to the new foundation...

Emi at Project Swatch tried it out for a couple of weeks. Read her review here and pics!  It is being described as "weightless and virtually invisible" as well as oil free, paraben free, demi-matte flawless finish, "light diffusing spheres that make you look professionally air-brushed."  SOLD!

Also Makeup by Hanna C has an in depth review was told that it will be offered in 18 shades, which makes me so excited as I am very difficult to match.  So this gives me hope!  And a release date of July 26th!!!

I already see my shade!  3.0 baby!  3rd from the left on the bottom row.  lol

What do you think?