Monday, July 2, 2012

June Empties!!!

Not too many empties to report this month but I am happy to note that I blew through a ton of sample packets and such with all the traveling we did last month.  Yay!  I also want to show you photos of my bathroom cabinets so you can see my progress!  What?  Crazy right?  Because they used to look like this!  6 months of not shopping very little will do that for a girl.  It actually feels good to get rid of all that product.  Seriously try it.  I want to get down to one set of products, no backups by the end of the year.  Wish me luck!

Okay so on to June's empties:

1.  Banana Boat Ultra Defense Sheer Protect Broad Spectrum SPF 30 x 2:  We finished 2 of these in 2 days.  They were BOGO $9.99 at Rite Aid.  Gasp!  Yes I did venture in to RA.  I know I know, I blew it.  You can say "I told you so" and I think my husband was a little surprised by my lack of restraint on this one but geez...  We are blowing through sunscreen like mad.  In fact I spent $30 on sunscreen at Target just last month.  After that jaw dropping total, I just had to find a way to save.  To RA I went in search of a deal with my coupons in hand and also an extra 25% off total purchase RA coupon as well.  So of course I went crazy.  WnW was 40% off, I got some backup palettes & gel liners and got back $3 in up rewards, razors were on sale and $3 in up rewards.  This sunscreen was BOGO but because one can was one use for this party of 5, I won't repurchase, no recommend it.  It's also sticky.  Not tacky but sticky.  Gross.  We didn't get burnt using it though but I will stick to the lotion from now on.

2.  Gillette Venus & Olay razor cartridges 3 ct:  These are dang expensive!  I really do miss shopping in drug stores on this one.  WOW!  I think they were $15 or so.  Cheaper than my husband's Mach3 and Proglide but still up there.  But I really like this razor.  I do have a tough time around the ankles, no cuts or razor burn, I just always mess a section of hair by the ankle bone.  I will keep purchasing but I actually misplaced the razor, it was put in another bag during our travels and I ended up purchasing Schick Intuition Naturals razor cartridges for this month because that razor is still hanging in the shower.  $8.99 on sale from $11.99 with $3 in +up rewards back.  Deal.

3. Simple Cleansing Facial Wipes:  These are amazing wipes.  I received a sample pack in the most recent Target Sample Bag which is the best one so far!  I'm not quite sure if they are better than my favorite Noxema wipes but they are close.  I need to get a pack of both for comparison after I finish up another 2 packs that I have that were 2 for $7 at RA.  They were next to the blue Pond's wipes, but to be honest, I'm not sure if I ever tried the Pond's before so I wouldn't be able to compare them.  The RA ones are okay.  Simple blows them out of the water though.  I also have no idea how much the Simple ones are.  Stay tuned for next month!  :)

4.  Art Designing Make-up Fix:  I grabbed this from Missha at the same time I ordered the Perfect Cover BB cream in No. 21.  I didn't use it for a long time but then I begin to love setting sprays.  It seems everyone is loving them now as well.  I do remember spritzing my face with water back in the day.  Not sure why I stopped doing that.  Probably needed to eliminate a step as soon as the babies came along.  Nowadays, I just keep adding steps.  It takes me 20 minutes just to get out the door these days.  I absentmindedly powder before going for a run sometimes without thinking.  To be fair, my spf is either in my tinted moisturizer or BB cream so it's just out of habit to slap on some powder after application.  Not really something I set out to do.  Powdering happens, what can I say!

5.  Dead Sea Salt Scrub in Cranberry:  I picked this tub up at Big Lots for $4.  $4 for a salt scrub?  Yeah and it's fantastic.  A good salt scrub is a necessity.  Especially in the summer.  This smells amazing, not really "oh that's cranberry" scent but a subtle flowery sweet goodness.  I haven't had a chance to venture back to Big Lots, I hope it's still there.  I reserve the right to purchase backups of this product.  Any other salt scrub will run you $20 and up.  This has all good stuff except for the red dye #4.  To me it's winning enough to repurchase and the price is phenomenal for the 680 grams you get.

6.  AVON Naturals Strawberry Smoothie hair & body shampoo:  This is so red that it stained everything.  I was happy to be done with this one.  Nice scent but filled with all the bad stuff.

7.  Almay oil-free eye makeup remover pads:  Another one bites the dust!  These work amazingly well.  They don't get off every stitch of makeup but I haven't met a cleanser yet that removes ALL traces of black makeup.

8.  ion Repair Solutions Effective Care Treatment:  I actually didn't like this treatment very much.  It really weighed down my hair and made it so I couldn't get a comb through it after using it.  It was a thick, gross mess when my hair dried and I could still feel it in my hair.  Not good.  Maybe that means my hair isn't as dry as I think that it is?  I actually finished this using it as a shave gel.  I didn't want to waste it but I couldn't use it on my hair either.  I tried a sample packet of this before I bought the full size.  Worked wonders as a sample.

So 9 products into the recycling bin!

What did you finish this month?!