Sunday, April 6, 2014

Week 11+12 Empties

Just a few things...  

With all the different shampoo and conditioner claims out there, sometimes you just need some moisture.  Well probably more than not.  This Nexxus duo helped my hair out a lot.  Therappe ultimate Moisture Shampoo and Humetress Ultimate Moisture Conditioner.  I do have a back up of these 2 that I will rotate through.  My hair likes to be surprised every other shampoo.  I stocked up when there was a $5 coupon floating around and Walgreens was having a $10 RR with $20 purchase.  

Crabtree and Evelyn La Source Relaxing Bath Tablets.  Ahh...  La Source is my favorite scent from Crabtree and Evelyn, well maybe the Avocado, Olive and Basil line is a close second.  I purchased 2 boxes off these fizzing bath tablets at a Burke Outlet here in town for $6.99 each.  

Avalon Organics Vitamin C Renewal Balancing Tonor.  This is a strange product.  Smells nice, feels a bit tacky on the skin when it dries down.  What makes it so strange is 5-10 minutes after applying it, my entire face turns hot and red like a sunburn.  Not irritating, well I guess this is a major irritation.  It's like a major red hot flush or flash really.  And then it goes away.  I thought that it was my skin getting used to it for the first couple of days of use but it continues for 3-4 months while I used this.  I probably won't repurchase this but I do like the cleanser in this line.  I have one in the waiting actually...

Bath and Body works Aromatherapy energy.  I love the orange scent of this.  It reminds me of my sister -in-law.  She kept a small bottle of it in the guest bathroom and I would always use it.  It took me about 10+ years to purchase my own!  I was lucky to grab this I believe Black Friday weekend for $4 a bottle.  I wish I bought more.  I grabbed other flavors but should have really stocked up at that price.  They are normally $15 for the 8oz tube.  

Suave Advanced Therapy. Good stuff.  Smells nice too.  I don't have severely dry skin nor do I want it so I always lather up!

Just the Basics moisturize shave cream with aloe.  I mentioned this before in another empties post.  I tried to use this again and it still didn't work out.  I did not get immediate razor burn but it was still irritated and I just let my little one play with this bottle like the first one.  3 year olds love to play with shaving cream!

Bare essentials Buxom Lash.  This is a great mascara and it's awesome on the lower lashes.  The wand is huge so you wouldn't think that would be a good option but I can do my lower lashes perfectly with this mascara.  The reason being is that the brush doesn't deposit a ton of product and the formula is a little on the dry side.  I have tried the Clinique bottom lash with the teenie tiny brush but it just deposits a ton of product and clumps up my lashes.  I would love to repurchase this one.

CVS Exfoliating cotton rounds.  I haven't finished them yet, I just emptied this package to put the rounds I a glass jar in the bathroom.  I think the exfoliating side is just a tad too harsh.  I've just been using the regular side.  I had an allergic reaction this week so I've been trying to be as gentle as possible.  I haven't pinpointed the product, it must have been a combination but I do know that the exfoliating side is just a little too rough this week.

Epielle Deep Cleansing Nice Strip x2.  I try to do these twice a week.  Some work better than others.  You need a slightly damp nose.  The moisture has to be perfect I have noticed.  Too wet, it takes forever to dry and thr the glue dries to your nose and rips off the pad as you try to remove it.  Too dry, it doesn't adhere to the gunk.  When you get the conditions perfect, your results are really good!  You can find these at Big Lots, 3 for $2.

Mally Evercolor Poreless Face Defender.  This has some major cracks and discoloration.  It's time to pitch.  I've had it over a year now.  Good stuff and it is mostly used up.  I will repurchase.

Palmers Skin Therapy Oil.  This is in a rose hip scent and it's a very light, fast absorbing oil.  I really like it.  The true test of facial oils for me is if I wake up in the morning and my skin looks normal meaning, not oily/greasy/shiny, not flakey dry.  This facial oil passed the night time test.  I will purchase.

Clarins Day Screen.  I'm on the hunt for a high SPF product.  This one was nice but I'm assuming it's out of my price range!

Indie Lee The Moisturizing Oil in Lavendar.  Indie Lee can do no wrong in my book. All her products are lovely.

Paula's Choice Resist C15 Super Booster.  I accidentally dumped this down the sink so I didn't
T really get to try it to the full extent.  Total Bummer!

I had a few other foil packets that I finished up or some that I had opened a couple of weeks ago, didn't finish and since they were open and exposed, I pitched them.  Like I mentioned earlier about my allergic reaction, I will be switching things up.

I've never had one before but basically my skin was slightly red and bumpy one morning and by that afternoon it had become hot, itchy and spread down to my neck.  Rut ro!

Right now it's Cetaphil cleanser and avocado oil.  Things calmed down quickly (2 days) but I need to add an SPF to the mix and one of the products in question is the only SPF I have right now!  

We will get more into that later!

Hope you had a great weekend!