Thursday, December 22, 2011

December Birchbox

So this month, I am officially disappointed with Birchbox.  As a loyal subscriber since March I believe, it really has gotten worse every month.  That being said, since I am a loyal Taurus, I am having a difficult time actually cancelling.  That being said, this month probably sealed the deal for me.

First off, it was late.  No big deal, they sent a very apologetic email explaining why, a little too late I may add.  I get it, holiday madness at the post office, every delivery takes extra time.  Well, for one, they could have sent the email sooner.  They tried to make amends, but $20 off a $75 purchase coupon is not good enough for me.  Maybe a $20 off $50 purchase or if they happened to send more "deluxe" samples to make up for it, but there hasn't been any "deluxe" samples in a long time.  A single energy powder pack, 2 double side stick tapes, and perfume samples that you get for free anywhere does not constitute $10/month.

I think what really made me disappointed is that I peeked at what others had received, which I try not to do, and was excited to receive Benefit's Primed and Poreless and got dry shampoo and some glitter oil instead.  Total bummer.

It's my own fault really.  I get samples like this every day.  Well maybe not the Jouer Birchbox Pink Lip gloss every day but perfumes, energy packets, etc...  Heck I even got a John Freida Go Blonder travel set that I've seen in Walgreens for $11.99 and L'OREAL mascara which retails for $8 or $9 for free in the mail last week!

So why am I paying $10 a month for samples I already get?  I'm not sure.  Again, it is no one's fault but mine.  I'm owning up to it!  I keep saying, one more month, one more month...  But this is the same company that sent me a full size Stila eyeshadow in Cloud which I love love love and a full size Laura Geller Balance-n-Brighten blush that I use as a cheek highlight almost every day.

Since March I have invested $100 into this company and I've gotten back a $18 Stila Eyeshadow and a $28 blush.  Both high end that I wouldn't have purchased myself, but I probably should have.  It would have saved me $46.  YIKES!!!  That's not very savvy, totally not my style. 

To be fair I have received 3 small ZOYA nail polish, some face washes, tons of hand creams and body lotions, a couple mascara samples.  It is free shipping, well figure it into the cost, $2-$4 to ship out those boxes?  I don't know.  I think I just wasted a $100.  UGH!

They must be loosing money, hence the lack of "good stuff" and now the market is saturated with other sample boxes so the competition is fierce! 

But drop the price or offer more incentives dear Birchbox.  Just do something because you are just going to lose well lost another subscriber unfortunately.


  1. They changed as the numbers got bigger. I been canceled and got some of the samples I seen on bb free so not worth it.