Monday, December 5, 2011

Ice Ice Baby

Sorry, I couldn't help it...  Loved me some Vanilla back in the day.  :)

Here I have WnW Back Alley Deals from the highly sought after Ice Baby Collection.  It's layered over my Cult Nails mani from the other day.  I just wanted to swatch it quickly, but I liked it how it dried all suede-like borderline matte and did the rest of my nails.  lol 

Of course it would look nice with a Seche Vite topper but I did like the suede finish of it by itself.  It's smooth too.  Still a little gritty but not catch on your wool sweater gritty.

Next time I wear it, I will layer it over a black cream. I have way too many layers of polish on my nails in these photos! I barely recognize my nails as they are so short!  I took these a couple of days ago.  They are a bit longer today.  I will most likely be painting my nails in the morning so you will be able to see how fast they grow.

I ended up buying every polish from the Ice Baby Collection in two trips to Walgreens except for the bright yellow/gold Give me a Price quote, namely because I didn't have enough RR to cover it so it didn't make the cut.  I kind of want to go back and get it, but le sigh, it's probably gone.  But I have coupon/drugstore rules and a family to feed.  Priorities are in check.

My drugstore rules are:

Do not buy anything without a coupon unless it is in dire need and if there is no coupon available, do not buy anything without store rewards unless it is in dire need.

Dire need items would be medicine, nail polish remover, cotton balls, diapers, razors... not in any particular order. 

WnW nail polish is not a dire need item, so it needs to be covered by either a store reward or a coupon. hahaha  I try not to break these rules, though as I am only human, it has happened on occasion.  :)

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