Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Argan Oil

There are a ton of companies cashing in on the Argan Oil buzz and for good reason.  Personally, it works amazing and leaves the skin soft and smooth.  I've been dying up North this winter.  6 more monts until we live on the beach!  Well 15 minutes from it in North Carolina.  But for the next few months, it is going to be col, cold, cold and dry, dry, dry here in the Southern Tier.

I received Tradition de Hammam Oriental Massage Elixir with Moroccan argan oil from organically grown ingredientsArgan Massage Oil for free with an Yves Rocher order before Christmas.  I've used it three times and barely made a dent in the 3.4 oz.  I also bought an Argan Oil mask for the face and hair.  It didn't go so well as a hair mask for me, it was pretty much a disaster for me actually.  I might have left it in too long and it took forever to wash out.  Never again.  I'll stick with hot oils and deep conditioners.  On the face it was lovely but I like the way all masks make my skin feel.

Bottom line, I highly recommend this oil or any other oil to soothe dry, itchy skin in the winter.  It absorbed quite nicely, better than some thicker body butters I have tried that seem to leave a film.  My skin just drinks up this elixir and it has a lovely scent.  It's 45% off at Yves Rocher right now at $17.  Yves Rocher has a ton of great products which I am currently using.  Go through http://www.ebates.com/ and save yourself even more $$$ with their cash back program.