Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Storage/Organization Ideas

So I'm not sure how I stumbled upon this, I wasn't even doing a search.  But I literally started hearing this voice and started closing windows on my computer and Miss Chievous was showing her vanity and makeup storage.  I started it over and watched the entire 20 minute video and then I started looking on IKEA for the furniture that she has.

So I'm seriously thinking about making some purchases.  The hubby will kill me but we will need to stage this house for a sale in the very near future and I need to get my "dressing" room upstairs straightened out.  All the HGTV shows spend an average of $1200 to stage their homes.  All our rooms are perfect except for the upstairs and I want a quick sale.  I would be spending about $300?  And I can take these pieces with us to NC!  Win win right?

So these pieces are similar to Miss Chievous but I will probably choose the darker alternatives.

#1 Vanity

Malm  $129

In Miss Chievous video there is a drawer that pulls out.  I'm not sure if this one has the same feature.  This piece also has to be secured to the wall.  I would hate to drill holes in the wall right before we leave though.

# 2 Drawers

Her other piece was the Alex 9 drawer unit.

Looks like it only come in the white.  I would want it to match the Malm for sure.  I don't think I would have the time to paint.  I certainly do not have enough makeup to fill all 9 drawers but I'm thinking the 4 bottom drawers would be perfect for all my stockpile items, shampoo and conditioners, lotions, toothpaste and listerine
Both of these pieces would match my all time want from the Pottery Barn which I have asked my dad to make.  He is a self-learned carpenter and amazing at making furniture. 


The Bedford Project Table

I used to quilt before I started school.  When we bought this house I had visions of the upstairs room being my quilting room with the skylights letting in perfect amounts of daylight.  But then I started school and all quilting has been on hold and the upstairs room as become a collection of random furniture and our old kitchen table.  Ugh.

I'm partial to dark colored furniture but dust literally glows on it.  Maybe I should go with white?  The room is a smaller space, darker colored furnture may close of the space and make it look even smaller.  Hmm...  Decisions, decisions...  What's great about IKEA furniture is that it is relatively in expensive.  The Bedford Project Table will have to wait...