Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Upcoming blog posts...

I'm on school break but it seems like I have less time!  AHHH!!!

My Project 100 Pan Challenge has come to a close before the new year!  I certainly didn't plan on it but it worked out perfectly with Christmas sales, the day after Christmas sales, etc...  I thought about ordering the Naked Palette since it is back in stock on both and  It was in my cart but I resisted.  So proud of myself!!!

I also have a bunch of hauls.  CVS has their 75% off clearance going on.  I stopped twice.  The second time with coupons!

A few days before Christmas I found a ton of Revlon eyeshadows at the Dollar Tree for of course... a dollar.  Couldn't resist.  I actually had 3 of the colors in my shopping basket once at Walgreens when they were having a sale and I put them back.  Glad I waited.

I ordered from Aromaleigh right under the wire before they closed for ordering on December 13th.  Got my eyeshadows in the mail on Monday.  So excited to check them out.  They were all $2.50.  Such an amazing deal.  So sad that they closed...

Oh I have some new Eyeko polishes that I need to try out.