Friday, January 21, 2011

Today's trip to Target

Not pictured...  a tan chenille throw and blue twin sized sheets.  Left them at the register but I called and they are still there!  Waiting for me at Customer Service.  Hopefully I can convince my son to go back out.  Not happening at the moment. 

Grand total $38.75 for 4 boxes of oatmeal, 2 canisters of oatmeal, 4 boxes of Nature Valley, 4 Vitamin Waters, 1 Garnier Brush cleanser, chenille blanket and twin sheets.  Not spectacular but not bad either. 

Coupon line up:

6 $1/1 Quaker Oatmeal coupons, good for instant boxed, Quick Cooking Oats or Old Fashioned.
2 Target $1/2 instant Quaker oatmeal
2 Target $1/1 Quaker oatmeal
1 Target $2/1 Garnier face product
$1/1 Garnier Brush Cleanser
4 50 cents/1 box Nature Valley
2 BOGO Vitamin Waters

So 2 Quaker Old Fashioned oatmeal, total for each, $1.19.  Not bad for oatmeal.  Then for then boxed Quaker Apples and Cinnamon, sale price was $2.74/1  So I got them for $1.24 each.  Vitamin Waters are on sale for $1.  $1 for 4 or 50 cents each with coupons.  Garnier Bruch cleanser was on sale for $4.04.  Total after coupons, $1.04. 

I messed up on the Nature Valley Bars.  I have a million 50 cents/1 box coupons so I decided to use 4.  So I got 8 bars for $2, there are 2 packages in each box.  A normal box has 6 bars (well 12 bars, 6 packages) So I got 16 bars or 8 packages for $2.  Not the best deal but slightly cheaper...

My son has been needing a comforter for his bed.  I keep wanting to make a quilt but no time = no quilt.  Afer nursing school I will get back into it.  Hopefully... But fortunately Target was having an amazing sale so I scored an airplane comforter set for $14.98 and a dark blue twin sized sheet set for $5.91, both on clearance. 

I also have been needing a smaller throw for the livingroom and found that the chenille throws were $4.98.  I probably should have picked up 2!  We have 2 couches and an oversized chair.  Maybe I'll grab another when I go back to pick up my lost bag!

Overall not bad, would have been much much more without coupons!