Friday, January 14, 2011

Don't knock the Dollar Tree

Especially when these could be in the make-up aisle...

I had at least 4 of these shades in my basket over the summer or last spring in Walgreens.  I remember the time very distinctly.  Even though there was a Buy 1, Get 1 50% off sale and I had coupons, I put them all back.  Glad I did.  A few months later I got them all for a dollar.  Not bad.

The L'OREAL lipgloss is a bright purple.  Looks just a bit scary in the tub but divine on the lips.  I haven't tried nail art yet so I picked up the LA Colors because they were a dollar.  The brush is extremely long.  There must be a reason for it. I've been playing around but nothing has turned out yet.

The Maybelline nail polishes came in a dual pack.  The glitter gold one is awesome.  It is quite glittery with one swipe and it is also smooth on the nail bed.  I put it on quickly to check it out when I came home from the store.  it would look lovely over a gold base.

I'll do some swatched and reviews soon!