Thursday, January 13, 2011

CVS Haul

I know you all have been patiently awaiting!

 I'm happy to report that both Almay Pure Blends in buff and Almay line smoothing powder in light 100 are a perfect match!  Yay!  That never happens.  I keep telling myself to go back and buy the perfect shades while they are 75% off but alas, I haven't.  I truly have plenty and with a move in July, I want to lighten the load.

I may review the two separately but so far the pure blends has a nice buildable medium coverage and the line smoothing powder give you an airbrushed finish.  Lovely products, especially for the price.  I have yet to try the others.

I picked up these pigments on the second trip...

With coupons I paid literally nothing for these and that's truly why I picked them up.  I haven't tried them out but I can officially report that I am all set with eye shadows and pigments for probably the next 50 years...  Well that is quite an exaggeration but it will be quite difficult to justify any colors for the eye.  I just need to look through what I have and I probably have the same shade somewhere!

Look for some reviews in the near future!