Saturday, January 15, 2011

New 2011 Drugstore Makeup

So there are a few items I really want to try, but of course have no business trying because I already have a ton of stuff.  But I still browse through the cosmetic aisle checking out the new stuff and I'm thinking there is going to be a lot more as CVS continues to dump products at 75% off.   here are a few that have me intrigued...

L'OREAL Youth Code

I don't know if it is the catchy ads and commericals touting 10 years of research or the packaging but I've been trying to work out every deal I can at Rite Aid and CVS to buy it.  But then when I have all my up rewards and ECBs ready to go, I put it back on the shelf.  I have some other things to use up first.

Almay Smart Shade Balanced Pressed Powder

AVON had a smart shade line a couple of years ago.  Not sure if they still have it or it is floating around in Outlet books, but basically it was a "white" foundation that transformed into your skintone.  And it really did.  Maybe it was a heavier primer but I loved the stuff.  I used it all winter long because those are the months I have terrible time of finding foundation that matches my skintone.  So this product has me interested.  I like powders because of the buildable coverage and they work well if my combination skin.

Garnier Frutis Skin REnew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller

This isn't new from this year but it quietly hit the shelves or I noticed it at the end of last year and I almost bought it full-price.   I know your jaw just hit the floor.  Go ahead, pick it up.  But every time I shop, I have this in mind to buy.  I don't really have dark circles but I need something light under my eyes.  Most concealers are too drying for me or they do too good of a job and I look like I'm ready for my close-up on the red carpet.  I like a more natural look.  This product seems like it would be perfect...  And I like roller balls and sticks.  I don't have to get my underneath nails all gunky. Right?

Ecotools by Alicia Silverstone

They just look so cute!  Not that I need another cosmetic bag, actually I do.  I just had to throw away two do to staining and broken zippers.  Hmm...

I actually have 2 products from EcoTools that I need to try.  A retractable brush and body butter.  I picked these up from my 2 free coupons from EcoTools Look Gorgeous Love Green Campaign.

Dr. LeWinn by Kinerase

SO I was reading in an older Woman's Day ( I have a backlog of free magazines to read) and apparently the line is at Walgreens and Walmart.  We all know Kinerase, well Dr. LeWinn has come up with a more affordable line and with the same plant based derivatives including kinetin.  This antioxidant is supposed to stimulate cell growth for more youthful skin.  Now I haven't seen these products yet, but I also haven't been specifically looking either.  I looked on-line and didn't come up with anything so maybe it's not out in stores yet.  The article didn't say specifially when it would be either.

There are probably a ton more, but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head right now.

Happy 2011!