Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's electric!

and Pink Wednesday!  What do you get?!  Electric Pink by Revlon.  I could have used just 1 coat.  Believe.  Revlon makes some good polishes.  There has only been one in recent memory that sucks.  We all know which one, yup, Sunshine Sparkle.  It's tough to formulate yellow though.

Sorry for the blurr...  This is more like a non-orangey but slightly coral that I can wear!  Love.  It is so bright.  I would take a picture outside in the sun but shortly after I took this picture this morning, I decided to go a digging in the garden and spread grass seed on the lawn.  Of course I wore gloves but alas, my mani is ruined.  Bummer.  There is always tomorrow, well more like this afternoon!