Friday, June 10, 2011

Pirates of the Carribean dupes??!!!

Exciting!!! I was thinking I was going to pass on the Pirates of the Carribean OPI collection because nothing stood out to me.  But definitely going to grab some Sinful Color dupes for $1.99 if I can find them!  I was reading on Wendy's blog Love. Life. Beauty. that they are at Rite Aid.  Sinful Colors is awesome polish.  Just remember to use a base coat.  My sister and I know from experience that it stains wicked bad.

Definitely heading there tomorrow to look around.  I was told that the truck comes on Saturday.  Yay!

Check it out!!!

Love. Life. Beauty.: Spotted at Rite Aid: Sinful Colors version of OPI ...: "I don't know if anyone else posted something about this or has spotted this but at one of my local Rite Aids I just saw a display of Sinful ..."