Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Rite Aid!

Scored at Rite Aid this week!  I actually went to 2 looking for the Oral B Cross Action Toothbrushes.  I was able to find one so I got a rain check for 2 more.  I haven't used wax strips in a long time so hopefully these work!

Coupons used:

For the Veet
$2 off 2 in ad coupon
$1 Video Values (VV)
2 $2/1 MC

I tried to print the $3 facebook coupon but my printer froze up and I had to turn it off.  When I tried to print it again it said I already printed the coupon.  Bummer.

$2 Blink MC
$1/2 Orbit gum
25 cents Orbit VV coupon
$3/$15 survey coupon
$3 Oral B Toothbrush MC

The survey coupons have been far and few between.  I used to get them on all my receipts.  I didn't get one this trip. :(

I also used 2 $4.99 +up rewards from last week's Renpure. 

Total OOP $11.93 and I got back $5 for buying 2 Veets, $2.99 for the toothbrush and I submitted for a $7.99 SCR for the Blink Tears.

So all in all, $4.05 MM!!!  Yay!

I'm up to 411 in wellness points.   89 more until I receive 10% off my purchases!   Does anyone get 20%?  I can't imagine hitting 1000 points this year again...