Wednesday, June 15, 2011


No haul unfortunately.  This was my first time in a Sephora store!  Insane, I know!  When we lived in Virginia the closest one was about an hour away but with traffic 2-3 hours depending on the time of day. And I never got to the Georgetown one.  But Ulta was always right down the street.

We drove up to Syracuse this morning and only had 45 minutes for the mall.  I literally had no time to indulge!  So disappointing.  But I did get color sampled for NARS Sheer Glow.  Thinking Mont Blanc was going to be too pink I dismissed it.  Sure enough, it was a perfect match!  Siberia was a touch too yellow on me.  I'm going to be good and finish up my Revlon PhotoReady before purchasing any more liquid foundations.  But I'm happy I found a match!

Now I haven't been to an Ulta since I left Virginia 3 years ago since the closet one is up near Syracuse as well.  I totally took living right next to Ulta for granted.  lol

Sephora did not disappoint.  It wasn't a huge store but I swatched a ton of things, saw colors that I've been contemplating ordering on-line...  I was a kid in a candy store it was so amazing.  I could have spent at least 2 hours in there.  The samples they had out were totally disgusting, I of course went crazy with q-tips and baby wipes trying colors out on my hands but it was so fun!  I didn't even have time to take pictures of my swatches! 

The sales associates were so nice.  My son was running around acting like a nut and one lady was giving him high fives and distracting him with stickers.

I want to go back!