Thursday, June 2, 2011

Rimmel Match Perfect Foundation

I was so excited to try this foundation that on a red light on the way home from Rite Aid, I took a baby wipe and cleaned my face and popped it on immediately.  From the car mirror, it looked, I thought pretty good.  It has everything that I am looking for in a foundation.  Flawless coverage, check.  Minimizes pores.  Check.  Dries to a smooth finish in seconds.  Check.  Non-offensive smell.  Check.  It does have a scent.  It's a nice clean scent but a scent nonetheless if that bothers you.

Match perfection?  Crap.  I grabbed 130 True Ivory and it was just an orangey fail.  I believe that there is a lighter shade but it was sold out on the display.  I'm usually the 2nd shade from the lightest and since it was getting closer to summer I would be okay.

I tried it on 3 times, 3 different ways, finger, sponge, brush, just trying to make it work.  No dice.  I think to myself, oh I can just set it with a light powder.  Well I don't have a light powder to try that idea...  It's just not going to work out.

And I'm over bottles with no pumps.  I like that it is glass and the bottle can be recycled but a pump is essential for me.  Period.

So if you can find your color, this would be a great foundation for you!