Saturday, January 4, 2014

Last Rite Aid Trip of 2013!

I've had a rain check in my wallet since Black Friday for the $3/3 Yardley soap and get $3 +up rewards.  I would check in every few days and finally they had them back in stock!  I love rain checks because you just get the price of the item minus the rewards.  So in this case, all three bars of soap were $0.  Nice.  I didn't realize that the manager put 2 offers on my rain check so I can go back again and get 3 more for free. 

So here's what I grabbed!

So the 3 Yardley soaps were free.
Sharpies were on Christmas Clearance for .49.  I love writing in green.  I should have grabbed more!
The Revlon nail files were $2.79, I had a $2 Facebook coupon for Revlon tools.
The L'OREAL eyeshadow in Antique Brown was on clearance for $2.45, I had a $2 MC.
I just realized that I slipped the Maybelline Sunbaked Neutrals in the photo but it was bought last week during a trip.  However, when I bought it, it was 40% off.  :)
I also grabbed 2 Almay Lip Balms because I had another $5/2 MC and a $2 Maybelline lip product RA Video Values coupon.  Almay was B1G1 50% off.


So one more trip to RA in my near future for 3 more free bars of Yardley soap and then a self imposed hiatus is in order.  :)