Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week 3 Empties!

This is why I will be doing this weekly...  Yikes.

So as you can see I dyed my hair.  I haven't dyed my hair in months.  Probably 3.  I had 4-5 inches of growth which was nice because I actually saw my natural hair color.  Ashy brown, golden highlights...  Oh and gray, massive amounts of it!  Ahhh!!!  Despite the gray strands, I immediately regretted ever dying my hair in the first place.  I thought I could just use my Rita Hazan Root Concealer but realistically, after 1-2 inches of root growth and the amount of product that was needed to conceal up to 5 inches, it's not the perfect solution. 

I thought I could deal with the gray, but the other 20 inches of hair on my head disagreed. So I grabbed a box of dye at Target.  I actually haven't seen Clairol Natural Instincts Crème in shade 21 anywhere so I took that as a sign to dye my hair.  Fun fact:  I grabbed what I thought was the last 2 shades of 21 at Target back in October?  I returned them a week later, swearing off dying my hair at home.  Oops! 

I like that this dye is ammonia-free and rinses out after 28 washes.  I can see where the claim "blends away grays" is true.  The product does not truly cover gray hair, it deposits a light coating on them so that they are less obvious.  Unless someone is right up in your business inspecting your strands, they are less noticeable.  And like I said it washes out. So when my permanently dyed hair grows out to shoulder length, I might just go natural?  Who am I kidding, I will totally get highlights or something.  I hate highlights, but like the idea of them and they blend out your grays...

Let's see what else.  Some Crest Prohealth, not sure why this is included but I will review it anyway.  This is alcohol free yet it still tears up your mouth the first couple of uses.  Total inside cheek skin peeler.  Which is annoying, but I really need to stick with a fluoride regiment.  I like mint or the blue mint variety of this.  I have a few bottles of various mouthwash in my stockpile.  Now I'm using Listerine. But this is one I can tolerate and would probably purchase in the future.

I've been working on this tube of Rembrandt since the summer.  I'm such a saver.  I would use this 1-2 times a week.  You can tell it is working by the color of the discarded toothpaste in the sink.  My teeth aren't bright white thanks to coffee and tea, but they aren't yellow either.  But this product does not make my teeth sensitive, probably because I do use it sparingly. I keep meaning to pick up white strips on a sale.  They are just so expensive for me right now.  I know Target makes a range, I should pick those up.

Korres Pomegranate Cleansing wipes were purchased at Marshall's.  I grabbed 3 or 4 of these at $2.99.  Good price for 25 wipes of a high end brand.  I like them.  Not as much at AVON's but these might be a little more natural?  It's hard to tell really.  But they are mineral oil, silicone propylene glycol, and ethanolamine free.  They are for oily/combination skin.  If I see these at Marshall's I will definitely repurchase.

I used a epielle nose strip which you can pick up at Big Lots for $1-2.  These work pretty good.  This one hurt coming off though.  Tear city!  But I have repurchased these nose strips several times and have not been disappointed.

I reviewed the Clinique and Boscia masks in my Week 3 Results post.  I really like them both.  Now I have 3 favorite masks including Eve Lom Resuce Mask.

The Kate Somerville CC cream was too dark but holy glow!  And not a bad thing.  I will definitely revisit this product in a lighter shade in the future.

The Nip+Fab products were unremarkable.  It's difficult to gauge products like this from a sample packet.  Results take 2-4 weeks of continued use for most products. 

The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair cream was very nice.  I was able to use this sparingly almost the entire week at night.  I just read the packet for the first time.  Says it can be used from "head to toe..."  Hmm...  I used this solely on my face.  My skin must have needed it though!

Ugh I waited to long to use the Weleda Iris and it was all separated.  I usually take that as a sign that it has expired.  I've had this for a while.  I believe this was a Beauty Army sample so that brings us to 2012.  MAD Eye Defense Shielding Serum was another Beauty Army sample.  This was nice.  I used this over the Arbonne Eye Cream.  It had a silicone/slip like feel to it.  It helped to minimize/fill in fine lines.  I might be open to purchasing a full size of this!

I ended up dumping the rest of the AVON ANEW Rejuvenate Glycolic Facial Treatment.  It was also a different color than what I remembered it to be so I knew it was time.  This stuff works at smoothing the skin and evening out your skintone.  This is the old packaging, I believe the new packaging is white and silver.  I will repurchase.

Omojo fine line defense serum was purchased last summer on clearance at Walgreens.  They had 2 different varieties and I picked up both and subsequently finished them.  I use this after toning and before moisturizer.  I can't say I saw "results" but I feel serum is a necessary repair step before moisturizing.  As someone with oily skin, its a delicate balance finding products that hydrate without leaving you oily.  I used to not moisturize, but found this just dehydrated my skin, further creating oil. 

I'm still looking for the perfect solution.  My skin changes with the seasons, always oily, but lately it has been more normal.  And don't get my started on my skintone.  It changes color too! I'm like a chameleon.  It's a never ending battle!  One product, be it moisturizer, cleanser, foundation, will never work all year until the end of days for me.

Julep makes some amazing products.  I might have to do a separate post just on Julep products that I love.  Word to the wise, shake this product before using.  Towards the end, it was difficult to remove polish.  But in the beginning, it melted the glitteriest glitter bomb polishes with a single swipe.  No joke.  And it was nondrying.  I think it worked better than ZOYA and it is acetone free.  I make my own remover with Acetone, Glycerin, Water and Lavender Essential Oil but if needed, I would repurchase this.  Along with ZOYA's.  I love them both.

Neutrogena Body Oil and the Castor Oil were used in a salt scrub that I make.  Which I started a blog post on but never finished so I will do that ASAP.  This Castor oil bottle was a Oil Cleansing mix that I used on my face for a few months.  The Oil Cleansing Method works but you have to find the right combination of oils for your particular skin or it can be disastrous.  This method also uses a lot of time and a lot of hot water to thoroughly steam your face.  My routine takes forever as it is so the OCM pushes it to over 30 minutes.  I digress...  So to use up this castor oil mix or should I say repurpose, I made a salt scrub and mixed it with the Neutrogena body oil.  I think that they changed the formula or my skin changed but it doesn't have enough moisture for me anymore.  I find myself using this and then layering lotion over it.  I have a Nuance spray oil that I am going to try next.

Boots No.7 Cleansing water is a favorite of mine.  I really do not need it, but I really do.  I've never tried Bioderma, but very curious.  I feel hesitant to order off of Amazon for fear that I will receive a fake.  But when I'm on my possible trip in July, you know I will purchase and bring some home!  But this Boots product smells really nice, cleanses, does not strip the skin and it can remove eye makeup. I do not use waterproof so I can't say if it works that well.  But for my purposes I'm happy with it.  It's affordable and readily available at Target.  It's a win for me!

What did you finish up this past week?

Hope your week is going well!