Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Week 3 Beauty Box Results

Here is what I started with last week:

And what I accumulated:

Foundation/CC Cream:

For foundations I used Physicians Formula Youthwear Spotless Light, L'OREAL True Match LUMI W1-2, Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse Foundation.  I actually did a lot of mixing.  Rimmel Stay Matte Mousse is super matte and just needs a little more luminosity for my drier skin this week so I mixed it with the Physican's Formula and even the Lorac CC cream as these 2 are a bit too dark for my winter skin right now.  LUMI is the lightest foundation right now in my collection and actually I realized this week it is a perfect match for my skin as I am quite pale right now.  A couple of days in a row I looked at my face midday and it was a not so natural color.  Too pink/orange.  Probably because I used darker foundations but I think everything looked good initially.  Probably time to move my makeup application to natural light vs bathroom artificial lights. 


Smashbox for my t-zone and L'OREAL Revitalift Miracle Blur for my forehead and crow's feet which I reach for when I remember.  I will keep Revitalift in my weekly box to remember!  It works really well at smoothing everything out and makeup blends over it nicely.  I have used this over foundation as well.  It was difficult to evaluate Smashbox as my skin is quite normal right now.   But the color of my face was all over the place last week and I'm not sure if I just used too dark of foundations or something oxidized.  I didn't have any issues last week...


Origins Plantscription SPF 25 is pretty heavy but used sparingly, it worked well for me.  I only used it a couple of days and I did notice slightly shiny skin later on in the day where the other days, I didn't feel the need to powder.  Not enough to blot though.  But my skin needs moisture and SPF.  I don't think I could use this in the summer though.  Better use it up in the next few weeks.  I just need a pea size.  Probably not enough to reap the SPF benefits however.  I used the Clarins as SPF backup.

I used the eclos Anti-Aging Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream this week at night.  I love the smell of this cream.  I love the entire line actually including the daily HydraPrimer...  I also used Kiehl's Midnight Recovery which I have been saving because I knew that I would love it and want to purchase.  Sure enough, I love it and want to purchase.  I need to finish up some things first!  Ahhh!!!

This is Lipsi Aphrodite Powder.  I used this to set my foundation on Saturday and Sunday.  I forgot where this came from.  Birchbox?  It is translucent and completely blends into the skin without a powdery look.  I will use it more next week.  It is supposed to absorb oils all day!  Huge claim for sure.

Eye cream

Finally finished the Arbonne Eye Cream sample!  A foil packet that lasted 3 weeks.  In fact, I still have a couple days use but I want to try something else.  I'm pretty sure I could go a month as I squeezed out a bit too much some days.

Serum and/or treatment

I finished up the Omojo fine line defense halbios serum this week.  I can't say I saw major results, but I like a serum that dries down nicely, doesn't irritate/break out my skin or clog my pores and doesn't add oil.  This one fits the bill.  I grabbed this on clearance at Walgreens.  But if I see it again, I might pick it up on a sale.


For cleanser I used honey most of the week but also mixed in the Julep Cleansing oil and Eclos Facial Cleanser Skin Prep.  It's a good combo and my face feels thoroughly cleaned and soft, not tight. 


Boscia Bright White Mask.  I'll be honest here.  The product was a bit separated when I squeezed it out of the packet and it looked similar to what a bird flying overhead would create...  But I quickly moved past that when I read on the back of the packet that it was a peel off mask!  Love peel off masks!  This one is lovely too.  There were a few bits that had to be washed off.  My skin was radiant and hydrated, I even had my husband feel it. :)   I'm definitely purchasing a full size.

Clinique Acne Solutions Mask was nice.  It didn't have that gagging acne medicinal smell even though it is a medicated formula.  It didn't feel drying, didn't tingle or anything yet it left the skin soft.  I noticed a day later that my chin looked clearer.  I had a couple very small under the skin bumps/congestion and they were taken care of.  I feel like I would see a lot of benefits using this a couple times a week in the summer.  I will be purchasing a full size.

Some type of palette, eyeshadow, blush, etc.

I tried to explore most of the colors that I do not normally wear in the UD Box of Shadows IV this week.   I did add in the Basics Palette for crease/transition colors. 

You really can't beat Urban Decay.  They are a stellar company.  If I could have the entire line of one makeup company, hands down, I would choose Urban Decay.

So I found some really nice products this week.  It's all about discovery! 

Did you find any new loves recently?