Thursday, January 30, 2014

Most repurchased...

My most repurchased beauty items!!!

I started this post a long time ago and I'm happy to say, these items are still repurchased, time and time again!

I am constantly trying new things in the beauty realm but there are a few items that I continue to purchase consistently.  They are my tried and true...  If you had been keeping up with my empties posts last year, you will know a few off the bat.  I have a lot of skincare items for sure...

1.  Rimmel Gentle Makeup Remover:  I have lost count how many bottles that I have gone though. 4.2 fl oz may only last 5-6 weeks of every day use, but at $4 a bottle, you can't go wrong.  I liken it to the other cleansing waters on the market, though I know I really shouldn't compare.  But in my mind it looks and feels like water removing my eye makeup ever so gently, it does not irritate my eyes nor does not leave a residue.  I can hold off on Bioderma...  I think...

2.  AVON makeup remover wipes with mineral complex:  My most recent order was for 7 packs.  I'm not sure why I picked 7 but they were on sale for $3.99 so I scooped up a bunch to last me.  I typically use one wipe a night to remove my makeup.  There are 24 in a pack.  So for $3.99, it's a bargain.  They remove a good majority of my daily war paint and can remove eye shadow.  Your skin actually feels clean after using a single wipe.  It's incredible.  I do need a separate remover for my liner and mascare as I don't want to be tugging that delicate skin around.  They are a nice thick cloth and the perfect amount of moisture.  Bravo AVON!

3.  Green Cream High Potency Retinol Level 6:  (Not pictured) I finished my 3rd bottle last fall and haven't repurchased yet but wanted to mention it anyway.  I believe I started out with Level 3.  Level 3 is a mint green, level 6 is brighter with a touch of yellow.  I don't use it every night, maybe 2-3 times a week so I have never experienced red, peeling skin as some reviews warn.  I want to work up to Level 9 which is supposed to be an alternative to prescription retinoid.  It definitely smoothes out my complexion with consistent use.  I'm looking forward to trying Level 9.  Each level costs a bit more, which is to be expected as it increases the good stuff.

4. Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub: Love this stuff.  I do purchase/try out other scrubs but I always go back to this one.  I could never find this in local stores for the longest time so I always need to order on-line hence the occasional stray.  I recently found that my Target carries it so thankfully I can pick it up on the regular again.  I love the smell of it.  When my skin absolutely freaks out on me, I know I can get it under control after a couple of days of using this scrub. The ingredient list is simple and full of good stuff.

5.  Revlon Crazy Shine Nail Buffer:  Remember years ago or maybe last weekend one of those sales people at a kiosk in the mall started out with, "Can I ask you something..." and you came home with a huge bottle of cuticle oil, hand cream and a buffer for $40?  Well this one works just as well, it's only 2 steps and it's around $3!  I'm looking at my shiny nails right now contemplating not painting them.  I only get maybe 4 uses out of these, the tear drop shape looks nice but it's not really functional.  The edges wear down quicker than the center.  But as far as an affordable nail buffer that I use once a month or so, I will continue to repurchase.

6.  Seche Vite: (Not pictured)  Before "discovering" this gem, painting my nails happened a couple of times a year.  After purchasing, nearly every day...  I'm the type of person that if I see a slight dent in my polish, I need to start all over again.  I can't deal!  So Seche gave me back my sanity and allowed me to paint my nails whenever I wanted.  I still dabble in other top coats here and there but Seche is the best for my nails that I have found so far so I will always have a bottle on hand. Except for at this very moment...  I have 10 top coats that I am determined to finish or toss.  :)

7. Jojoba, castor, tea tree and coconut oils:  I need these oils in my life.  I have used a mixture of jojoba, castor and tea tree oil as a cleanser.  It takes some extra time and uses a lot of hot water so I can't cleanse my face with my oil mix every night but it is by far the best cleanser for my skin if I have 30 minutes to myself.  I smooth the mix on my face in circular motions and then steam out my pores with a hot wet face cloth.  Castor oil on it's own is very drying so I add jojoba for some moisture and tea tree oil as a treatment.  Good stuff!  I follow up with Burt's Bees Citrus Facial Scrub.  I use coconut oil on everything.  As a body moisturizer, hair mask, scalp treatment...  I have used it on my face but it can be congesting so I prefer my other lighter oils.  And of course organic is the only way to go.  Pricey, but definitely worth it.

8.  Witch Hazel: I've tried many brands, there really isn't one brand that I always buy.  My current bottle is from Target.  Probably $2 for 16 fl. oz. and it lasts me a year.  After cleansing, no matter my method, I always run a cotton wool soaked in Witch Hazel across my face.  If I skip this step for a couple of days, my skin lets me know it.  I always try new toners.  In fact I have one by Korres that I really like. But ultimately, witch hazel works the best at balancing my skin.

9. Epson salt:  I use this in the bath and for my salt scrubs.  A huge container like this is $3-4 and it can make a lot of salt scrub on the cheap and you can add your own oils so you know what is in them.  I was paying $4 a container for the cheap-o Big Lots scrub, which I loved for the price but noticed it would sting.  Well that can't be good!  A few questionable, irritating ingredients, you are better off making your own and it takes all of 90 seconds.

10: Trader Joe's Coconut Body Butter:  $5.  Best.Stuff.Ever  You can pay $20-30 for a good body butter.  Though this is really like a thick cream.  Body Butters to me have a bit of a greasy feel and leave a sheen.  This does not feel or do that.  However, it is very moisturizing, feels and smells great on the skin. I always have 1-2 containers backup.

11.  Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant/Anti-perspirant:  Hands down, this works better than any "clinical strength" deodorants on the market.  It has aluminum which isn't my favorite but if I'm in a situation where smelling really isn't an option, this is my go to.  There is no research that suggest aluminum really isn't the bad cancer causing agent after all.  But I still use it sparingly and never after recently shaving.  I really do not need an anti-perspirant but this is the only deodorant that works for me.  I've recommended it to everyone and those that buy it are very happy with their purchase.  At first, the smell kind of put me off but I got used to it and now I don't really smell it anymore

So there you have it, my most repurchased!

What are your must have beauty products?