Monday, November 14, 2011

Beetle Juice!

So here they are in all their glory... the Models Own Beetle Juice Collection!!!  Ordered on November 1st, really early in the morning and they arrived Saturday afternoon...

So first, the packaging.  White Models Own sleeve over a black box with grey and white tissue paper wrapped around the bottles.

I bought the set which came with the 3 n 1 base coat/top coat and gloss... With flash from left to right, base coat, Pinky Brown, Aqua Violet, Golden Green, Purple Blue, Emerald Black.

In the sunlight from left to right...  Aqua Violet, Purple Blue, Pinky Brown, Emerald Black and Golden Green.

The bottle shots!

Aqua Violet Beetle Juice

Purple Blue Beetle Juice

Pinky Brown Beetle Juice

Emerald Black Beetle Juice

Golden Green Beetle Juice

They are gorgeous and complex.  I can't wait to see how the colors in the bottle translate on the nail.  

I can't decide which one to wear first!  AHHH!!!