Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Golden Green Beetle Juice!

Another stunner from Models Own and I can't help but wonder how this Golden Green compares to Chanel Peridot.  More green I surmise but I still would love to own Peridot!  But I'm thankful to have Golden Green Beetle Juice in my collection.

Now I noticed with Emerald Black that if you used thick layers or rushed the application, you would get bubbles.  And not just one or two, a ton!  You have to use super thin layers.  The same goes with the 3-n-1 topcoat.  I'm used to laying on a thick topper with the Seche Vite but you can't do that with Models Own. 

Case in point...  No bubbles until the 3-n-1 top coat went on.

I'm also disappointed that I have no Carolina sun to show off this beauty!  It is supposed to rain today and tomorrow.  Total bummer.  But you can still see the complexity of this polish and it is certainly brightening up my day!  Green, gold, yellow, is that blue?  Yup!

Hope you are having a great day!