Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Study Break!!!

Total NCLEX cram session is in full swing but a girl needs a break every once in a while right???

And look what just came in the mail! 

Thanks to Sephora Friends and Family Sale!  Who can say no to 20% off and cash back from ebates.com?  Obviously not me.  lol  Oh and Piperlime is 10% cash back right now.  Holiday gifts anyone??? 

This is definitely a one time splurge at a retail of $16.50 but I rarely pay a $1 for any of my polishes so this is a real treat!  Green would be cool...

I so love this polish.  This is houses of parliament.  Purple and cool design?  Win.  I did one thin coat on all my nails and then another coat but one nail at a time.  There is a magnet on the nail polish cap so you hold the magnet above the nail.  You have to do it before the polish dries so the magnetic particle can move through the polish. 

So make sure your second coat is still wet when you hold the magnet above it. 

This is the polish sans topcoat.  Gorgeous!  After these photos I did put a fast drying topcoat... Milani I believe.

This is my first Nails Inc purchase and the formula is really nice.  I suppose you could just do one thicker coat.  It is quite opaque the first swipe. 

Nice Job Nails Inc!

Now back to Pharmacology Success! Yes!