Saturday, November 5, 2011

Urban Decay EOTD!!!

So today I went to an Urban Decay event at Ulta.  I made an appointment with a makeup artist to see if I could learn how to "deal" with the shape of my eyes.  The mua seemed confident.  "It's not that hard."

She used eyeshadows from the Book of Shadows IV which ultimately I bought at 20% off... and a free gift!  A set of lashes, mini mascara, mini Sin primer potion and some samples of lipgloss and tinted moisturizer. 

I know, I'm weak.  I'm not throwing my challenge out the window however.  My goal is still to use all my eyeshadows once or one more time!  After today I'm back on track.  *pinky swear*

For the eyes she swept Skimp all over my lid and up past my crease.  Then she used a mix of gravity and blue bus slightly above my crease and took bust below that into my crease.  Zephyr then went on the middle of my lid.  She lined my upper lash line with Underground and lower lash line with Rockstar.

The mua used the baked bronzer in Gilded.  I really liked it.  I have bronzers but you can never see them on my face or you just see glitter.   Plus I'm always afraid to buy something too dark/too orange.  Returning stuff is always a hassle. 

She also used concealer pencils in CIA as my brow highlight, DEA under my eyes and down the nose and FBI on my forehead and chin.  FBI was used to conceal the redness on my cheeks  It was quite yellow on my face. I did have blush on, which she never took off, just went over.  I was watching with my mirror and I was thinking to myself, "OMG" but she took a brush and blended it out and it looked a little scary at first.  But as soon as she sprayed All Nighter on my face, everything set and melted into my skin.

Looking on the website FBI seems so dark!!!  I'm sure that's what I remembered and it is written down on the card.  And it is said to be a medium I'm definitely not ghostly white like I was in NY before moving down South.  My face does seem darker but not in a bad way.  I'm debating with myself if I should grab them during the sale...  Gilded is on sale for $12.  AHH!!!

My face is a bit shiny after about 3 hours.  That was the first time I actually looked in a mirror.  Which is normal.  Not oil slick shiny, glowy shiny.  She didn't have De-slick which I wanted to see how that worked.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I should have walked over to the display to see if there was a tester!  Such a dummy.

I do need to get my hands on those 24/7 pencils though.  My eyeliners always slide down, these haven't budged at all.  A lot of my other liners either disappear completely, WnW, AVON or slide all over the place.  Physician's Formula holds up pretty well in my water line but it does slide a little under my lower lash line.  My eyes tear up a lot and it can be pretty challenging to find the right products for me.  Next F&F sale. 

 Overall it was fun getting my makeup done by a professional. It really doesn't look any different than how I would have done it. lol   But that's okay. It means I am doing all the right things!