Thursday, November 3, 2011

EOTD Day #19

I dug deep today!!!

I pulled out some Mary Kay!  Sweet Plum and Sweet Cream and though for some reason I thought I could use them together.  Sweet Cream went all over the lid but Sweet Plum didn't like this and wouldn't stick.  I had the hardest time with Sweet Plum!  I ended up foiling it and then couldn't blend it out.  So I grabbed my Revlon ColorStay 12 Hour Eye Shadow Quad in 14 Nude Elements and used the 2nd darkest shade to help blend it out. I also used that shade to line my lower lid.  I then put a little of the gold above my crease and the white as a brow highlight.  

I lined my upper lash line with PF Eye Booster and upper and lower waterlines with PF black liner.  2 coats of Rimmel Lash Accelerator mascara went on as well. 

I also did my John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Spray today.  My hair looks super blonde around my face!  I've used it three times in the past 2 weeks, so that means I have blown out my hair and used a straightener three times in the past two weeks.   I don't use a heat protectant spray with the lightening spray so that it doesn't interfere with the lightening process which needs all the heat to work. 

Usually I just air dry my hair.  Well my hair is dry to the bone!  I've tried everything, sleeping in coconut oil, Beautiful Lengths deep conditioner, Renpure Organics Amazing Miracle deep penetrating reconstructor which I've found comparable to Aussie 3 minute miracle, and even my LUSH Veganese isn't working.  And a combination of all these things with my regular conditioners either the John Frieda purple or the Go blonder lightening conditioner.  I've also tried some Nexxus extra moisturizing shampoo.  My winter hair is here and I have nothing for it!  Currently my hair is dosed in extra virgin olive oil.  Fingers crossed...  Any suggestions would be thoroughly appreciated!

I did order some Phyto hair products from the Sephora FF sale.  Actually I have no idea what I bought or if they made the cut.  I filled up my card, deleted some things, added some things, deleted some more things to get to the amount I had to spend so frankly, I have plum (sweet plum) forgot exactly what I ordered.  Sure I can look, but it will be fun to open up my surprises!

Back to your regularly scheduled EOTD swatches...

Swatches fom top to bottom:

Lightest shade from the Revlon Quad 14 Nude Elements
Gold shade from the same quad
2nd darkest shade from the same quad
Mary Kay Sweet Plum mineral e/s Doesn't it look so pretty swatched, going over 10 times? I will try some Missha Magic Transformer drops tomorrow and see what I can do.
Mary Kay Sweet Cream mineral e/s which completely melts into my skin.

Hope you had a great day!!!