Friday, November 18, 2011

Shopping at Rite Aid!

So this week at RA, Almay is BOGO 50% off with $4 +up reward for each Almay product purchased.  WnW is 40% off with spend $10 get $3 +up reward and Culturelle Probiotic is $15 with $15 +up reward.  So with no coupons and 3 transactions, I did this...

I grabbed 2 Almay oil-free eye makeup remover pads (80 cts) for $5.99 and then 50% off for the second one.  I've read that these pads can be as low as $4.99 depending on how they are priced at your store.  So roughly $9 OOP, get back $8 in +up rewards.  I used those rewards to buy some WnW. 

I lost my WnW Nutty and didn't have Penny.  For some reason I grabbed Lagoon which I already have but I meant to grab a back up for Brulee.  Oops!  I will try to make it back to RA to make the switch.  I also grabbed some Mega Eyes Cream liner in black and egglant.  My L'OREAL HiP liner is drying out on me and dragging.  No bueno.  So for that transaction I paid $4 OOP and got back $3 in +up rewards.

With those rewards from the WnW, I used them to pay for the probiotics.  If there is ever a time to boost your immune system it's now!  Everyone is getting sick around me and we have family coming in to town next week bringing with them new germs.  I mean that in the nicest way possible.  I swear :)  I'm getting ready, and it was a $3 MM!  lol  I paid $12 plus tax and got back $15 in +up rewards.

My total OOP was $25 and I have $15+ up rewards for my next purchase, so what I "paid" for all the products above was $10.  I saved $22.60 with all the sales and my Wellness + savings.

My latest Wellness + Point total is 598, but after these latest transactions, it will be over 600.  I'm trying to get up to 1000 before December 31st.  I kind of took a Rite Aid break over the summer so now I am back on it.  I want to get 20% off all my purchases in 2012!

Wish me luck!