Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Cult Nails

Yeah, I'm apart of the cult. 

I pre-ordered the Super Powers collection a couple of weeks ago and here they are in all their glory!

From left to right:  Power Thief, Time Traveler, Clairvoyant (oh who are we kidding?!  It's Unicorn Puke with a fancy name!) and Mind Control.

I love the packaging.  Cult Nails is 4 free and Cruelty Free and Eco-Friendly.  This company is amazing and others should and need to take notice.

Each polish is carefully and loving wrapped in it's own paper sack and gently placed on balls of cotton.  Just spectacular presentation.  You can really tell when an owner loves her product and what she does.

On to the polish!


Obligatory bottle shot!

The exact same formula as the infamous Unicorn Puke. Did it really see on eBay for $275?   It's a lovely and gorgeous flakie, sporting gree, pink, red, blue, purple flakes in a blue base. I couldn't wait and threw it on over Models Own Purple Blue which I have had on for 3 days (gasp!) now and is super chipped. So I will only show you my thumb!

It is best for layering so I am going to have a lot of fun with this polish.  I am going to have to order another bottle for sure.

Oh and then the other 3...

Just kidding!  They are all gorgeous. 

First up Mind Control.  Deep dark purple or is it black base with a lighter purple micro glitter shimmer.  I love all purples.  This is just gravy.

Next is Power Thief.  It's taupey shimmery goodness in a bottle is what it is.  I see a light purple, blue or silver micro glitter shimmer.  Another beauty.

Last but not least is Time Traveler.  A deep royal/Navy blue cream but jelly?  Totally opaque in one swipe.  It's nice and dark but still looks blue.  Love...

So there you have it!  Cult Nails Super Powers.  I'm already in the process of taking off nail polish to start a new with Clairvoyant.  But what to layer it over?  Time Traveler or a black cream or OPI Lincoln Park After Dark Matte.  Decisions, decisions...