Friday, November 18, 2011

Makeup from the carpool line

After dropping off my daughter to school, I drop my son off at Preschool. I don't stop home in between for the 10-15 minute wait, so I get to the Preschool early and sit in the carpool line before the school doors open. It's a quite organized system of dropping off. So much easier than parking my car, getting my son and my younger son out. Walking into the school, saying goodbyes and then struggling to get my younger son back into the car for the trip home. He wants to stay with his big bro so sometimes there are tears. Love the carpool line!

So this morning I brought my new AVON Expert Mega Palette and went to work with the 7 minutes that I had.   Before I left I moisturized my face with AVON Platinum Day Cream and put on my custom blended mix of Missha #21 and #23 BB cream, set that with Rimmel Stay Matte Tranlucent powder and Benefit Erase Paste under my eyes. I forgot about the blushes in the palette so before I left I swept on some Milani Luminous.   I also primed my lids with Missha perfecting eye base. I forget what exactly it is called.   lol

Here's what I came up with!

Everyone I'm sure was wondering why I was taking pictures of myself in my car at 8:43 in the morning.  My son sure was.  "Oh, you are taking more pictures of your eyes mommy?"  

The sun is really bright this morning too.  It's about 40 degrees and everyone is walking around in huge winter jackets with hoods up and scarves.  I'm sure that will be me next winter when my blood thins out...  40 degrees is sweater weather for me coming from NY/Massachusetts.  lol

So the colors that I used...

I used the first color (dark shimmery taupe) on the left in the second row as my lid color.  The next color (medium reddish brown) as my crease and outer v color.  I used the 5th color (chocolate brown)in the same row to blend out the crease.  I used the last color in the first row for my brow lighlight and the color to the left of that (5th color in first row) as my inner corner highlight and swept it across the inner 1/3 of my eyelid.

I used the 5th color in the second row along with the 1st color to line my lower lash line.  To finish off the look I used my Christan Siriano for Victoria Secret Makeup Kohl liner to line my upper and lower lash line as well as my lower waterline. 

7 minutes, boom, done.  I wasn't racing to get my eyes done in a certain time frame, well it needed to be done before the carpool line started but since everything was there so neatly contained for me, it took no time at all. 

Oh and I used only 2 brushes.  Advance Techniques deluxe crease brush to blend and a Sonia Kashuk shader brush.

Maybe I will make this a series on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays!  What do you think???