Friday, December 6, 2013

Bath and Body Works Haul

I will walk into a Bath and Body Works maybe twice a year..  Exactly twice this year.

It was a spur of the moment trip as I was stopping by Sears at the mall to pick up an on-line order (that is lost!!!). Armed with my coupons, I braved the crowds.  I hear "you can combine any and all coupons today" (yippee I had 4!) and "aromatherapy body creams will be $4 at 5:00."  What?  They are normally $15, which is why I never buy them.  And combining my 4 coupons, I was going to have a pretty sweet shopping trip.

After a little trouble at the register, par the course for my shopping adventures, I walk out with 2 candles, 4 body creams, a lavender pillow spray and a small perfume for $21.83.  The candles alone were 2/$22.

I had 2 free gift with purchase coupons so I grabbed aromatherapy sleep lavender vanilla pillow mist ($10) and a small forever midnight eau de parfum ($6).  I probably should have grabbed another pillow mist as I am obsessed with them lately but I really liked the smell of forever midnight. It has a very familiar scent.  It's clean, a bit sweet...

The 2 candles I picked up were aromatherapy stress relief eucalyptus spearmint and my all time favorite Black Pepper Bergamot.

No on to the lotions.  My skin is so dry, my usual moisturizers of avocado oil and coconut oil aren't cutting it.  I'm thinking that I just need another layer...

So I grabbed energy orange ginger, sleep lavender chamomile, stares relief eucalyptus tea and spearmint.  They do have real essential oils so it's a little comforting and less cringe worthy.  I try to be  as "natural" as possible for me and my lifestyle but sometimes it's just easier to squeeze out a nicely scented cream from a tube instead of digging around in a glass jar of solid coconut oil and getting grease stains all over my clothes.

And you know me, it's hard to pass up a sale!  So in addition to the 2 free gift with purchase coupons, I hade a 20% off total purchase and a $10 off $30.  So I should be set with lotion for the entire year!

Have you picked up anything from Bath & Body lately?