Monday, December 9, 2013

Black Friday... Walgreens style.

Hooked line and sinker back into couponing am I.  Gone was the stockpile of toothpaste, shampoo and laundry detergent I needed to stock up! 

It all started a couple of weeks ago when I went into Walgreens with 2 coupons for Dove deodorant. I came out with 4 deodorants for $1.50 and I got back 4,000 points which translates into $4.  Yeah, they paid me $3.50 to take 4 deodorants out of the store.  No problem!

I didn't realize that after a certain time on Saturdays, Walgreens activates the new week's sale.  So I got both the previous weeks' sale price and the new week's BOGO, combined.  Unlike CVS, where you need to know what the new sale is and tell the person at the register which one you want!!!  See previous CVS Black Friday post!  I like the double dipping.  But I found that it only works if the manager on duty allows it.  Which I will fill you in about later...

Then I went back the next week after for Nexus shampoo.  20,000 points.  So now going into my Black Friday shopping, I had over $20 in rewards to spend.

Heading out Thursday night to do some shopping for my MIL who missed out on a couple items in her area, I dropped by Walgreens with my envelope of coupons.  I'm going to try to remember all the deals.

First transaction, first trip:

Finish Gelpacs BOGO, $5.29, had 2/75 cent coupons
Psssssst dry shampoo, on sale $4.99 with $5RR (I never saw a $4.99 RR...)
Scunci hair elastics 2/$3 with $3 RR
Rembrandt 2 hour Whitening kit, on sale $19.99, had $5 coupon, $4RR
GUM toothbrushes double packs, on sale 49 cents ea., $2RR
Crest toothpaste, on sale $3, 50 cent coupon, $3 RR
Reach toothbrush, on sale $3, 75 cent coupon, $3 RR
Crayola crayons on sale $1.99 ea.

Total savings $36.97 or 50% savings value.

I used rewards and paid $30 out of pocket.  I used my RR on the next transaction that same night.


Ornanix shampoo and conditioner macadamia oil BOGO, $7.99
Organic shampoo and conditioner Moroccan argan oil BOGO and on clearance $4.79
Arm and Hammer laundry detergent Buy 1, Get 2 free at $6.99
Wet n wild Fergie jet set palette, $15 after $15 in store coupon

I also grabbed 2 packs of Scott's paper towels that were on sale which are not pictured.

Used the RR's, rewards and the in store Fergie palette coupon and saved $70.16, which was a savings of 70%.

I also wanted to get the Lady Gaga perfume but the lady working at the counter said all she had was the $40 bottle.

Fast forward to Saturday, I went back and did 2 more transactions.

Transaction #1:
Crest toothpaste, on sale $3, 50 cent coupon, $3 RR
Reach toothbrush multiple pack (back in stock) on sale $3, $1.50 coupon, $3 RR
Blistex Nurture & Nourish (back in stock) $2.79, $2 RR

Paid $6, got back $8 in RR.

Transaction #2:
4 Carmex, on sale 4/$4, with 1,000 points and I had 2/$1 coupons
Lady Gaga Fame perfume, on sale 50% off, $10, had $2 coupon
2 filler items, kids bubble bath because of my number of coupons

Used rewards, RR's, and coupons and paid 11 cents.

Total savings of $24.36 or 86%.

Not bad.  And the Finish Gelpacs had a try me free mail in rebate.  I will send one in for the $4.50 rebate, further reducing my savings!

Crazy haul, about $45 oop but considering the Fergie palette retails at $30 and the Rembrandt whitening kit was on sale for $19.99, I feel like I got some pretty good deals, some items for the house and kids and stocking stuffers!  Win!