Thursday, December 5, 2013

Urban Decay Naked3

Here's a heads up!!!

Super excited about tomorrow!  According to UD's Facebook status as of yesterday, the launch of Naked3 at, and has been moved up to 12/6.  That's tomorrow!


I'm even more excited that I have a $15 Beauty Insider Reward Card to spend at Sephora and since the palette is priced at $52, it meets the $50 minimum purchase requirement.  Yay!  And for all you big spender VIB's, you get $20! So check your inbox already will you?!

I'm making an exception to my Makeout 2013.  Well I have had a few slip ups this year...  I'm not perfect!

I had allowed for a single palette purchase this year, that being the Lorac Pro which I did recently pick up from  More on that purchase later...  But this will truly be my last makeup purchase of the year and next (hopefully...gulp!) until my possible adventure in Italy next July!!!  Lots of saving and budgeting are ahead to make the trip work so wish me luck!

Back to Naked3...  Can you tell I am feeling slightly guilty?  It will be given to my husband to wrap and placed promptly under the Christmas tree.  Pinky swear.  ;)

I wonder if it will be a midnight release?  I'm sure I will be up!

Have you already purchased Naked3?