Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The mother of all ZOYA orders!

ZOYA's Black Friday special was just amazing!  They truly are a company that loves its customer. 

With a $75 order, they offered free shipping and a free, wait for it, The Dream Box!  12 bottles of nail polish.  And that's not all they included for free.  They also included a 2 oz Remove+, Qtica Half Time Polish Drying Accelerator and a mini ZOYA color lock system. 

This is definitely the biggest box that I have ever received from ZOYA!  And a big thanks to Brian at ZOYA who packed everything so nicely. 

I had the kids pick out their own selections for their teachers and friends.  I also grabbed 2 colors for gifts.  We do have a double, Payton, which I tried not to but it slipped into the mix.  I'm glad that I get to keep one for myself because it's beautiful! 

So here they all are...  Ziv, Timo, Black Swan, Dream, Cassedy, Payton, Stacy, Anaka, Dakota, Sarah, Rekha, and Noot.  And somehow, I do not have any of these ZOYA colors in my collection.

The Payton in the box seems to be more holographic which I am super happy about! 

I hope everyone enjoys their gifts this year.  I sort of have a spa theme going this year.  Candles, nail polish and some form of chocolate.  The kids and I have a few ideas for the chocolate bit which I will be sharing of course.

How is your holiday shopping coming along?