Wednesday, December 11, 2013

So, I found myself in CVS again... Clearance Part II

I don't know how it happened.  I got into my car and BAM!  There I was at the far CVS, the far and fully stocked CVS.  Score!  I was able to get everything on my list!  Yay!  So much better then my wasted trip on Sunday.  I basically grabbed everything that I had coupons for. 

I broke it into 2 transactions which made the lady at the register really happy!  Actually she was a gem.  We had some issues with coupons.  Some weren't scanning.  I think it was because she was waving the coupons really fast under the scanner.  I wanted to tell her to hold them still...  :)

Transaction #1:

Colgate Optic White Mouthwash (huge bottles!) on sale for $5.99, had 2/$2 MCs, $5 ECB. 
Out of pocket expense (OOP): $3.82
ECBs earned: $6

Rolled these ECB into next transaction.

Transaction #2:

2 packages of Scott's paper towels, on sale $4.99 had 2/$1 CVS coupons
Nicole by OPI Modern Family Back in My Gloria Days, clearance $1.99
Sally Hansen Gem Crush Lady Luck $1.99
Revlon Lip Gloss Crystal Water $2.12, $2 MC
Revlon Lip Gloss Sunset Peach $2.12, $2 MC
Got2b Powder'ful volumizing styling powder $3.74 x2, $3 MC
Pantene Beautiful Lengths conditioner $3.49, $1 MC
Pantene Stylers Gel, $3.39, $2 MC
VO5 Hot Oil Shower Works $3.49x2, $1MC x2
Soft Soap Raspberry $1.88, $1 CVS coupon
Shower puff $1.88, $1 CVS coupon
Aveeno lotion x2, BOGO 50%, $2 MCx2
Physician's Formula Palette Powder in Creamy natural $3.74

This transaction got a little tricky.  Some clearance items did not scan up at the clearance price, some barcodes were unrecognized and then like I said previously, coupons weren't scanning.  So it got a little frustrating, especially when you have all your coupons in nice neat piles (I had 20 pieces of coupons and ECBs) to hand them over one by one and then your cashier grabs them and starts scanning them as she sees fit. 

I like to hand them over not just because I am OCD, but to prevent mistakes.  Countless times I have found that a coupon didn't scan, or scanned incorrectly or the person at the register will say I didn't get that product or numerous other reasons.  It is just so much easier to address each coupon individually and make sure it goes through correctly the first time before the sale is complete.  It's a nightmare to go back and fix it after you have paid.  Everybody gets in a tiffy, the cashier, manager, people on line behind you who are waiting and shaking their head because you are taking the time to save...

But today, I didn't want to be that couponer, so I just sat back and let her figure out the mess.  I heard a lot of, "the computer is smart, it knows when you can use a coupon or not."  And at one point she said I couldn't use the Revlon coupon because then I would only be paying 12 cents for a lip gloss.  What?  That's why I am buying it with a coupon, so I am only spending 12 cents on it. :)

FYI when handing over your coupons, do it in this order...

1. CVS coupons
2. MC coupons
3. ECB's

For the transaction I had the following:
6 CVS coupons, $8 total:
$1 off shower puff
$1 off soft soap
$2 off $8 hair, shampoo, styler, treatment purchase
$2 off $10 hand/body lotion purchase
2x$1 off Scott's Product

9 MCs totaling $16

$6 from Transaction #1
$21 from Black Friday

It took about 20 minutes for it all to get straightened out.  She said I did "pretty good."  I agree with that statement. 

My subtotal was $10.34 which I am happy with since in years past, I've paid that for tube of Aveeno lotion and with no coupon in a pinch. 

But I'm going to try to stay away from CVS for a while.  Pinky swear. 

Here is OPI Modern Family Back in My Gloria Days...  The sky literally turned black and it started pouring just as I took this photo but its a pretty pink, orange, purple multichrome shift.  You can see the orange/bronze more in the bottle than on the nail.  Pretty color!

Here is Sally Hansen Gem Crush in Lady Luck.  This is a matte finish.  I have on 3 coats and a top coat.  This polish would do better with a darker basecoat first and maybe 2 coats of Lady Luck.  I actually bought this one to make a Christmas bulb!  More on that later!  I'm a sucker for holographic glitter!