Friday, December 20, 2013

Naked3 by Urban Decay

"They" (the internets) said it was coming.  Pictures surfaced on French blogs unexpectedly, cries of deception and fake palettes, photos of Sephora receipts as proof on Instagram and then Boom!  November release date in the good 'ole US of A. 

I had Naked3 in my cart at 10am on  Checked back later and darn, it was sold out... to my relief though.  I felt a bit guilty, well a lot guilty buying an extravagant gift for myself so close to Christmas.

Then the December release date at Sephora.  I of course stayed up on December 5 waiting for a midnight release, consequently fell asleep and then woke up after midnight.  A couple of days previous, Sephora gave out its annual Beauty Insider and VIB/VIB Rouge Gift Cards so of course I ended up ordering!

Looking back at my photo files on my computer I see that it has been almost exactly a year from when I took pictures of the Naked Basics palette.  Time flies when you're getting Naked!

The palette itself is similar to the Naked2 with the plastic/metal concept. I really like it.  It snaps securely closed and it is a hard case.  There are 2 "teeth" if you will, on the top of the case that snap into the bottom of the palette.  In my Naked 2 case, I just recently noticed that one of these snapped off.  It still closes securely, but I noticed with Naked3 you have to push the top lid over just slightly when closing to make sure that they fit in their respective grooves.  If that makes sense...

I do find that the double ended brush is a bit stiff.  I use my original Naked brush everyday to apply my Bobbi Brown corrector and Naked2 double ended brush for lining with powder and blending.  I see myself using this new brush for under brow and inner lid highlight and maybe cream shadows.

All in all I think that this is a lovely palette, as with the other 2.  The shadows are the same quality and consistency of the previous and should not be a disappointment for us UD fans unless of course the fans really set on a matte palette. 

I think that we all thought that this installment was going to be all matte.  There is a want and a need for matte shadows.  They break up the shimmer and glitter and transform an eye look by giving it dimension.  And that is what the Naked Basics does for us. But Naked Basics left something more to be desired.  Yet most of us (raise of hands please!) use it faithfully everyday...

The next Naked Basics2 will probably be a more warmer palette.  Expect that next year in December.  You heard it here first!  Kidding, I have no idea what UD HQ is brainstorming or developing at the moment.  To be on that team though...  Dare to dream! 

Rest  assured it's coming.  I can feel it!  UD is trying to formulate the best matte shadows EVER!

But I love my shimmer!  Keep Bringing it UD!  And Naked3 does not disappoint.  2 "chunky" glitters, 3 mattes, and 2-3 satins, 4-5 shimmers, depending upon your subjective view.  Lights, darks...  This palette has it all in the ever popular rose gold color scheme.  The range is there for 10's of dozens of eye looks as with the first 2 and now we have 3 to play around with!!!

Did you pick up Naked3?  Which one is your favorite in the Naked series?