Thursday, March 6, 2014

No Spend March and possibly April!

I decided to give up shopping for March and possibly April.  Ahhh!!!  Originally I thought definitely April but we will be traveling to VA for Spring Break and Easter.  I would just set myself up for failure.  Also, I tried to spend my left over Extra Care Bucks before this announcement but failed to get to a store!  I have $8.  I will be doing that today.  I meant to go last Friday but ran out of time.  No need to be wasteful!  :)

I have actually been extremely disciplined so far this year.  No Sephora orders?!  I did get sucked into a couple trips to Target for various unnecessary clearance items...  Ugh.  (My last trip was on Friday.) That store gets me every time! But as I have been organizing and rearranging things in my bathroom and my closet, excess is abundant and it's time to re-evaluate my past spending habits.  "But it was on sale..."  They get me every time.  :)

I also have a new obsession that I promised to share as well and with it all the cute decorating accessories I have deemed important as of late.  Remember 2014 is the Year of Organization?  Well, let me introduce you to the medium Kikki K Time Planner in mint who came to me all the way from a Kikki K stationary store in Brighton, Australia.  I will go into more detail in a separate post!

Oh and the Orla Kiely for Target cosmetic bag that is currently stuffed with washi tape, sticky notes, Paper Mate Flairs, glue runner, colorful staples, flags, etc...  I found the gel pens at my daughter's Scholastic book fair.  They are actually quite awesome and glittery.  :)  This is why no spend March is becoming super necessary.

So no shopping for the next 26 days!

Who is with me?!  Let's do this!