Thursday, March 20, 2014

Week 9 Results!

What I started with:

What I ended the week with:

Foundation:  Still just loving Covergirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 in 825 Buff Beige.  I think it is just the perfect color for me.  Just the tiniest bit pink, I mean tiny. 
BB/CC/DD Cream:  I really liked the Kiehl's BB Cream.  It has an SPF 50 and smells like it does but overall the coverage and color is nice.  I think it will be just a touch too moisturizing for me in the summer though. Maybe they will come out with a CC cream next.  I just love Kiehl's. 
Lumene Time Freeze CC is a really nice product.  I can wear it on it's own, it has a semi-matte finish.  The only fault, I need the SPF a little higher than 20 if I am going to wear this in the sun.  The Derma Doctor DD cream was way too dark for me.
Moisturizer: I started out with a bare face and spritz a little Urban Decay b6 Vitamin Infused Complexion spray.  Then I followed up with Origins Plantscription.  This is very moisturizing which was needed this past week.  Just the tiniest amount is needed for my skin.  I mostly just used the Lumene CC Cream as my moisturizer.
Primer:  Again my Lumene CC Cream was an all-in-one but I also used Clarins Instant Smooth in my t-zone. 

Mask: Julep Mask Noir.  I can't get past how messy this stuff is.  It is thick, very black and just doesn't want to rinse off your hands after applying it.  I have seen people use a brush when applying masks but the product is super thick, I don't know how I would be able to wash off the brush.  I do like that it mostly peels off in one sheet.
Hair:  I feel like I have this thinning of my hair going on in my crown.  I'm pretty sure my hair has always been like that because a very long time ago someone mentioned it but every once in a while it bothers me so I will pick up some Nioxin products when I see them at Marshall's.  I use the scalp renew infrequently at best.  I have never seen any noticeable results.  Most likely because I don't really have a thinning problem, just think I do.  But I figure I'm taking care of my scalp and my hair is really healthy.  I just got a hair cut and that helps too!  4 inches gone! 
I've really gotten into using a heat protectant this past year.  I usually just let my hair air dry but when I do blow it dry or curl it, I will spray some on.  I think when I first tried them years ago they would feel filmy.  The "modern" heat protectants feel so light they are virtually undetectable.  This one by TONI&GUY is like that.  Good Stuff. I have a full size of Tresemme in the red bottle that I have been working on forever and tons of prep sprays from Bumble&Bumble which I always pick up when they have free shipping. 
I have been using this L'OREAL OleoTherapy Hair Expertise since December.  I picked it up from Ulta.  I thought it was on sale and I had a coupon.  Turns out the shelf was mismarked or the sign sale hadn't been taken off.  I have forgotten how much it was but way more than I would have paid.  Ulta is always like that for me though.  My bill is always way higher than my mental calculations of what it should be!  That being said, whatever I paid, well worth it.  This product is lovely and my hair looks really nice.  Sure it's the hair cut, but before the hair cut, I had all kinds of dry, split ends, it was a stringy mess.  This hair oil helped to conceal all of that.  Lovely product and I've barely made a dent using it every day for almost 4 months.
Exfoliant: Glo-Therapeutics Refresh Facial Polish has a nice fresh citrus mint scent that is perfect to wake up to in the morning.  I really like it.  It has a small but dense grit so it's gentle but effective.  This is officially in my top 3.
Makeup: The AVON and mark. palettes were really nice.  I picked them up from an Outlet catalog months ago and this is my first time using them.  I wore them on their own and layered over Maybelline Color Tattoos in 25 Bad to the Bronze and 55 Inked in Pink.

The mark. drama case opens up in 2 directions revealing liners and eyeshadows.  All the shadows are decently pigmented and I came up with some really nice eye looks this week.  I didn't use the blue or orange in the mark. but I used all the shadows in the AVON Q922 muse quad.
In addition to the Balm trio I used Physicians Formula Happy Booster in Translucent as a highlight.  I can't use this all over because it is quite sparkly.  I forgot how dark Bahama Mama was but it blends out really well when used with a light hand and worked out perfectly.
So that was my Week 9 products! 
One of these weeks I will give you all a tour of my bathroom so you can see where I store everything currently!