Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CVS 4/2/11

I've been dying to go to CVS since I watched the Glam Life Guru's CVS update on facebook.  My sister tod me about her youtube channel.  That girl cracks me up.  She is so funny.  I love watching her youtubes.  She always points out a product that I have completely forgot about. Like this week, Clean and Clear Body Wash which I skipped, only because they didn't have it or they only had 1 at all the CVS's that I went to.  (Okay, just 3 last week.)

So of course I waited until late Saturday afternoon.  I wanted 3 things, the Physician's Formula Jumbo Mascara because the Glam Life Guru pointed out that you could do the PF deal twice and get the $7 ECB, the Clean and Clear Body Wash and 360 toothbrushes.  One CVS only had one Clean and Clear Body Wash, had the toothbushes but didn't have the mascara.  On to the next CVS.  It only had one C&C Body Wash, no toothbrushes and I didn't bother looking for the mascara.  So the third CVS had all it's signs down so I couldn't tell if the this week's or next week's sale was on and I started to look for a flyer.  The sales guy was ice enough to get me one and the new flyer and said both sales had been activated so I could get both prices.  Sweet. 

So I grabbed my two toothbrushes, $2.75 with $2 ECB's.  I had 2 $1/1 coupons.  So 50 cent money maker.

I grab a John Frieda Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo and the Go Blonder Lightening spray which I love love love!  The John Frieda shampoo is $5 and the Lightening Spray was $8.  I had a $1/1 shampoo MC and the Lightening Spray had a $2 peelie on it.  Also with a $10 John Frieda purchase, you get $3 ECBs.  So the total came to $13 minus $3 in MC's, minus the $3 ECB's.  So $7 for both.  Not bad. 

I then go to the Physician's Formula aisle and find the mascara.  $9.99 with $7 ECBs.  I had a $5 MC.  So $2 MM.

I used a $2.50 ECB from Skintimate and $7 ECB from my other PF purchase.  OOP was $11 but I got back $14 in ECBs.  $7 ECBs from PF, $4 from the two toothbrushes, and $3 from the John Frieda.

$3 MM!