Monday, April 18, 2011

What a bummer of a day!

So I was pumped, got up early, getting things done, etc, etc, etc...  Then I go to a new Rite Aid that I have never visited before since I was on a different side of town running errands.  Go in, grab some windex and some Purex 3-n-1, then I hit up the Physicians Formula section.  Huge PF section.  Tons of try me free peelies on all the products I want to try.  Yay!  I grab the blue mascara, a bronzer, a custom color compact and the pearl compact and go up with all my coupons.  Old lady alert, seriously.  She looked over all my coupons, looked at me, looked at all my coupons, read through them all once again.  Asked me where I got the PF $5 off coupons...  Then she starts scanning.  The PF $5 coupon doesn't scan.  She tries them again. 

On a side note, I've read all over the place that these coupons are legit, I even went to the coupon counterfiet notication website to check them out, and I've used one once before at CVS about a month ago now.  Then she calls up the manager.  He asks me where I got them and then proceeds to tell me that Rite Aid doesn't allow any internet coupons except for coupons printed from the Rite Aid website.  Well I know that isn't true, he is misinformed but since the coupons weren't scanning I didn't feel like arguing.  CVS is having a 40% off sale right and my coupons worked there before.  Whatev.

So I have her take off the 4 PF products,, she scans all my other coupons, the total is down to $11.34.  I thought anyway and I hand her a $10+up reward from John Frieda.  I swipe my card after standing up at the register for 25 minutes, she says, "Thanks for shopping at Rite Aid."  As I leave I'm looking at my receipt.  I thought I scanned my card at $1.34 but it really was still at $11.34.  So I go back in.  She scrutinizes the receipt.  "You never gave me a $10+ up reward.  I don't remember $10."  She goes into her drawer and there it is.  She hands it back to me.   Whatev again.  I don't feel like arguing, I've already been in the store for like almost an hour, my time is precious.  I take my up rewards.

Well I'm sure the next time I go into Rite Aid it won't work.  What a nightmare.   So I head to CVS to get some free kids toothbrushes and of course they are out. I go to the PF display and of course the 4 products that I wanted are not there.  UGH!  And to top it off, all the Sally Hansen Xtreme colors I wanted to pick up at $1.99 weren't in stock either.

But not to leave empty handed I grabbed some Revlon Aqua foundation and a Colorstay skin finish, I had $5 off 2 CVS coupon, $5 in ECB for the beauty bonus, $1.98 ECBs from I think last week's toothbrushes, $2 Revlon Aqua MC and a $1 Revlon Color MC.  Oh and Revlon is BOGO 1/2 off.  This lady seemed to be in a bad mood.  Looked through all my coupons, read through them all, then started scanning.  I definitely like shopping Saturday nights.  Lesson learned.

So just to share with you my frustrations, it really was a bummer.  If you coupon, you will have bummer trips but don't let them get you down!  In the grand scheme of things, not really a big deal.  Seriously, it's just make-up and coupons.  lol  Hopefully with the 3 other CVS's in town, I can find all those products or I will just go back to that Rite Aid at night, on a different day.  The PF display is worth it.  I have a ton of $4 off peelies anyway, so take that Rite Aid!

So there you have it, maybe someone is telling me that I have enough???  Hmm...  Maybe?  lol