Monday, April 11, 2011

Saturday night shopping

at CVS of course!  Well I was totally running out of time this week.  I had that $5/$40 facebook coupon that was burning a hole in my coupon binder.  I was going to save it until Sunday, but I really wanted to take advantage of the PF $6 off sale and my $5 off coupons.  I just couldn't help myself.  $14 products for less than a $1?  Yes please!

So the Disney vitamins which the kids love were BOGO and I had 4 $1/1 MCs.  I also had a BOGO MC for the Oral B toothbrushes and a $2/2 MC for Oral B manual toothbrushes.  This past week at CVS was Oral B toothbrushes were $2.99 with 99 cents ECBs with a limit of 2.  So I grabbed 2 and got back $1.98 ECBs. 

The disadvantage of shopping on Saturday nights like I've said before is that they are out of a lot of products but I just couldn't get to CVS any earlier, in fact I rolled in at 8:40, they close at 9.  We were at the mall and they had all the doors shut and the one I exited out of was half way down.  I wasn't even the last customer!

So that being the disadvantage I was flustered when they were out of the Gum tooth pickers, whatever they are called, the Oral B dental floss and something else.  I also was flustered when a $5/2 Revlon face and lip product printed out of the Magic Coupon machine.  I was trying to make it work but I had no other Revlon MCs.  So I went back and grabbed 2 more boxes of vitamins.  Then I grabbed a Seche Vite because I was trying to do the math in my head quickly and I was thinking I was $5 short of the $40 if they didn't count the BOGO vitamins first.  Are you still following me?

So flustered I ran up to the register with my $14 in ECBs, $5/$40 coupon, $2 ECBs from my quarterly spending, all my MC's.  The total came up to $76.  I got a little anxious at the total but realized that he hadn't scanned my CVS card yet.  Boom down to $48.  Grand total?  $11. 

Since the kids were with me and they were being super patient, I let them grab those candy push pops.  Hopefully they forget about them because I'm not a ig fan of supplying them with unneccessary sugar.  But a 5 minute CVS trip turned into a 15 minute one when I couldn't crank out the math skills fast enough.  I did okay though.  I didn't need the Seche Vite to add to my total.  My OOP would have been $3.  But oh well.  I will need some soon anyway.  It has revolutionized my nail painting.  I can do my nails in 10 minutes.  I used to keep still and not touch things for an hour only to ding them up.  Now, 10 minutes flat, perfectly dry nails.  Love that stuff!

And I'm happy to get a Happy Booster which I've been wanting to try since I started seeing them in the stores.  I grabbed the Shimmer Strips as well because I noticed that my e.l.f. is making my face look "muddy."  I hope this gives me a nicer glow.