Thursday, April 21, 2011

Recent Rite Aid Shopping

So the house is on the market and we had a showing yesterday so I had to stay away from the house for a little while.  Big mistake because staying away from the house for a little while means going shopping for me.  I went to Michael's looking for a storage solution for my ever growing mineral eyeshadow collection, Sally Beauty to hit up the Buy 2, Get 1 Orly sale (which all 3 will be returned today, I can't stand the thin brush or the formula, gross Orly... man, I've been returning a lot of stuff lately), then on to Rite Aid where they paid me $2 to take everything from the store.  It should have been $4 but I failed to hand over my $2/10 Go Green Bonus.  I forgot Physician's Formula was included.  Oops.

Look no John Frieda!  My total afte coupons and up rewards was $13 and I got back $15 in +up rewards.  $5 for the Physician's formula and $10 for the cleaners.  I previously bought other cleaning stuff earlier in the week at my epic fail at couponing.  I went to my neighborhood store and had zero problems.

So I am well stocked on Purex Complete.  I can't help these BOGO's with $1/1 coupons.  Same with the Purex crystals.  And I figure it is easier to move than liquid Tide.