Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Extreme Couponing...

Kind of exited for the premiere of Extreme Couponing tonight on TLC.  I'm always looking for new tips.  I do get a little frustrated when I see these ladies clearing the shelves of things.  Umm, not cool.  I mean do a deal twice, but bringing 20 coupons in and sweeping your arm across the shelf and pushing 3 carts through CVS?  Really?  lol  I've actually never seen this but I know of people who have.  It's madness I tell you! 

I've only seen Extreme Couponing once over Christmas break.  It was insane to see some people's stockpiling!  It made me feel a little better about my small one compared to their filled multiple shelves in attics and garages. 

Mine is getting out of hand for my lifestyle so I will be cutting back a lot.  I do not need another free toothbrush.  I swear.  I'm done... for right now...  I mean it.  hahahaha