Sunday, April 10, 2011


For Christmas my sister gave to me lavender bath salts.  I forgot to review it for you.  It was very lovely.  I just love lavender and I use bath salts very frequently.  They are perfect for any ailment from dry, itchy skin, to sore, achy muscles.  She said it was super simple, just salt, a few drops of lavender oil, and she also put in a couple drops of pink to give it some color but not so much it would stain the tub. 

So after I finished what she made, I used the same jam jar.  I filled the jar with Epson salt and put in a few drops of some rose oil that I purchased from Botanic Choice.  After I finished that jar, I decided to make a foot scrub since I ran out of my Dollar Tree purchase of Sally Hansen.

So in an effort to clean out my vanity armoire in the bathroom, I've been using up random products.  One of which was a small box of Epson salt and some left over Argan oil.  I mixed the two together and voila!  A foot scrub! 

I also use it on my hands.  The only negative is at the mixture makes the tub super slippery.  But my feet have never been happier!  I also realized this week that I haven't painted my toes in over 6 months.  How I know this is that my son is now 6 and half months old and I remember taking off my toe polish shortly after he was born.  I know... super crazy! 

So I'm almost done with the present jar as you can see and I'm trying to decide what to mix up next!  I have some left over baby oil, Kosher salt as well as some more rose oil.  Not sure if this is going to be a good combination or not.  I think I want to make a sugar scrub next so I might be getting some Sugar in the Raw.  I will keep you posted!